Dental Blue Savings Plan

An exclusive plan is now being offered for customers of Dr. Malcolm Walters Jr., DDS in Cleveland, Ohio.

If you live in the Cleveland, Ohio area and you don’t have dental insurance, it’s no problem! We’ve introduced discount coverage for clients who are non-insured or with limited dental plans. Since this is not an insurance plan, with the Dental Blue Plan, customers can use their plans immediately, with no waiting. Once you subscribe for the plan, you can see the dentist as soon as you have an appointment. Sometimes members join the plan and use it the very same day.

You may also use the discount plan for services not included by your plan. For example, many people have dental insurance, but do not have major coverage. Please remember that this is a discount plan, not insurance, and this plan includes fee reductions on many services not included in traditional plans.

With the plan we offer, you save up to 75% on dental work. Your exact savings depends on the work being done. Convenient monthly payments can help you and your family receive full dental treatment at a portion of the cost.

  • This discount plan is not an insurance plan
  • The plan cannot be used in combination with an insurance plan
  • This discount plan can only be used at the Home of the Perfect Smile/Dr. Walters, Jr., DDS in Cleveland, OH; there are no affiliated dental providers with this plan
  • Member is responsible for all charges at the time of service
  • Membership is good for one year
  • The initial program fee gives you access to discounted office fees in the plan

           Dental Blue Savings Plan

You can save up to 75% on dental work with the Dental Blue Plan.


FAMILY PLAN – $169.95 

(up to four family members, $25 for each additional person after four members)

 See Sample savings below to see how much you can save with the Dental Blue Savings Plan

Dental Blue Sample Savings

Sample savings are based on general dental fees.  As you can clearly see below, the Dental Blue Savings Plan shows that the plan pays for itself in as little as one or two dental procedures.

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Live in the Cleveland, Ohio area and don’t have dental insurance, or have limited insurance? The Dental Blue Savings Plan is for you!  You can save on oral care with the Dental Blue Savings Plan

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